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Wisdom in words birthed
Universe purged 
That's relevant

Previel in anything 
Anything the mind is drawn to
That propels
Regeneration of cells
Speeding of the process of which
Is born new
Universal mind
Each cells a personal I am 
Feed on microbes 

By divine
That's a person for every cell
Every person has a brain
That has its own cells aswell
Thoughts reveal
Mass sights appeal
Every film
Influenced by the image
Of whose soul is sealed
Sounds illustrates
The perfect image
Every chord 
Every string pulled
Account for every particle
Flick brush on canvas
Display a fantasy 
That's true
Pulled up to the skyline 
Globe at hand

Like atlas 
Free at last
Voice elevated
One with the sky
Downpouring to create an impact fast

Stalking disasters
My walk has surpassed it
Can't withdraw my steam,
With God 
My blood stream is charged up
Creativity has no bounds
Never starved ha 
In my dna creativity was carved out
I feed my word calculated brain
My word says
If there's a will
There's always a will
There's always a way
Open the gates
Pull knowledge inside
En masse 
Ensure all concentrate
I jot what I'm breathing 
My life 
plots I'm succeeding 
Expose a life to see me free in
Feed the soul 
Heal the mind
This route is mapped to freedom
My souls pushing
Rush in that motion
Rush of blood
In a head
It all feels utopian 
My word spoken stands
As waves of the ocean
Splashed as baptism
To those awoken
Expressed onto those that know him
Family from foes
Evolved to grow them

In the psychosis
No lust for motors
I'm focus 
Driven beyond the roads
I traffic manage
My crowds awoken
Picture in motion 
Regain focus
Live a lie
Ain't for i
Rather life subside like gnosis 
Speaking words like waters
Serve them like kitchen porters
Waterfall downpour on all
To cure all disorders
We glory in tribulations 
Tribulations worketh Patience
Naked torn
And cold
Patience brought warmth and clothes

Mind boggles
Seeking clarity
Insert mind goggles
Envision decisions to imprison 
my struggles

Micro-scopic search through rubbles
Increase intelligence Doubles
Search for that one cell that fills the rest with light
These bars could be a novel

depicting of sound
They hound
Strongholds pulled down
They're bound
Followed by what's sharper than a
2 double edge sword sound
Observed raw sounds
of a collosium 
when priscus and verus almost battled to death for an award of a wooden sword crown
with all matter
And every atom thats made up out of it
every molecule positively charged placed up on the grid
all junk to be expelled
Accelerate health to excel 
Red and white blood cells rebel 
force close the gates to hell
That brings me to the respiratory system 
New mission
Red Cells 1st infantry
Obliterate the devil's kitchen
Forcing every opposition into submission 
They don't belong
Forced to lungs
When I in an exhale
My words are strong

Every track attracts plaques
One man band
Hit keys
Snares, I crash that
Macs over pcs to track that
Embracing the m.i.c
Interact with that

There's no blocks in me
To cause my m.i.n.d to freeze
I Cracked that
Got max with me
We stack tracks
Ears served by seeds
Sounds act out
Of Flow waves, emitting, hitting, sitting
Kiss chase
The flow hunts the beat
Fall in love the flow wants the beat
They link and spawn serotonins 
Forms euphoria 
wants to be free
Response with pure accuracy 
In the sky
To passers-by
Collide with your mind
Telepathy Vibe
call you my twin
Generating an atmosphere 
Whose energy 
Something like roars of lions
In multitudes 
to Shatter
The walls of Berlin


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